Friday, September 17, 2010


This afternoon the kids were out jumping and the neighbor girl, B., came over.  I love that they all get along.  And sometimes, okay most of the time, my kids will talk over each other to get her attention.  Back to the story.  I was telling them that I would have dinner ready in about 10 minutes and then the question came.  Can B. sleep over?  I've heard it before but couldn't say yes at the time.  There really wasn't any reason to say no so I said yes.  (I'm not too keen on having extra children over at bedtime because mine can be enough but she's 14 and very well behaved.)  After we ate and ran a few errands (B. needed to eat at home) we went over to pick her up.

We spent the evening chatting, cleaning bedrooms, watching the new Barbie movie, and eating popcorn.  The girls both wanted B. to sleep in their room.  Meg was the only one to allow her sister in her room so Meg's room it was.


They didn't get to stay up too late since Meg has a soccer game in the morning but I think 10:30 is good when they usually go to bed by 8.

I better check to see if the lights are out.  I hear talking.  I also have to study my Sunday School lesson on Isaiah.  Anyone want to teach for me?

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