Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Inspiration

Here it is the last day of September.  Where has the month gone?  Seriously.  Where?

Still struggling with ideas.  Maybe the new month with bring some inspiration.  Speaking of inspiration (do you like that segue way?), we finally found some art to hang above the mantle.  It has several colors we like.  It has also given me a way to start decorating the large family room & kitchen.  This has had me stumped for a while now.  There is no break in the walls and I have dark green furniture I really don't need to replace.  What do you do?  Go shopping.  Keep looking until you find something you like.  Well guess what?  The art work has a lighter shade of the green in it and other colors to help pull the room together.  Want to see it?  Sure you do.


Sorry, it's not the best shot but it's getting late (meaning I'm tired) and the lighting is not so good.  But you get the idea.  I'm going to pull the brown, green, and blues into the room(s).  I don't think I'll actually get to work on this project for a while (it's going to be a lot of painting) but I needed to share something today.

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