Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sweet 16

We went to my niece's Sweet 16 party tonight.  It was supposed to be a pool party but the weather kind of took care of that.  Not sure if it even made it to the mid 70s.  That didn't stop some of the teens that showed up.  I think they're a little nuts.  We left before the black lights could really work.  I bet it was pretty cool with all the glow sticks and other brightly colored decorations.

My sister-in-law (not the niece's mother) made the cake.  She was a little concerned about making enough.  I volunteered to make cupcakes.  This is what they looked like.

Sweet 16 cupcake

I will never use these cupcake liners again.  I have never had so much trouble making cupcakes before.  Some didn't rise enough so I put more batter in the next batch only to have them overflow.  At least they tasted good.  If I need a decorative liner for cupcakes I'm going to use the regular cheap ones and tape cute scrapbook paper around them.  They could be personalized that way too.

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Janel said...

Those are really cute, Kelly.