Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tricks or Treats?

At our house we prefer the treats.  (If you haven't guessed that already you don't read this blog enough.)

The kids got all dressed up for Trick-or-Treating.


We were out for about an hour in our neighborhood.  (It was a little chilly and some people refused to wear warm layers under their costumes.  I won't mention names but they have red hair.)  The kids each had at least 5 pounds of "sugar" when we returned home.  We stopped at our friends' house on the way to visit grandparents and the kids ended up getting more trick-or-treating in before our friends fed us dinner.  What a treat.  We did make it to see some family before returning home exhausted.  The candy sorting will have to wait for tomorrow.  The kids have the day off so they'll have all day to gorge on candy.  Doesn't this look tempting?

The Loot

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner Made Easier

We went to visit Mickey's grandparents tonight.  I said I'd make an apple crisp for dessert if we could get something to take for dinner.  Mickey got right on that.  He decided on pizza.  Next thing I know he's knocking the bathroom door down to show me how he's going to order our pizza.

Pizza Hut App

The Pizza Hut app.  He was so excited about it.  If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch check it out.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Per Amy's request here is Flash, a.k.a. Mickey.


We went to a trunk-or-treat this evening.  We froze our bums off while there.  The kids had fun.  There was a little carnival after dinner, a hay ride, and then the main event, begging for candy.  Oh, I mean trick-or-treating.

I've got to get some sugared up kids to bed.  Wish me luck.

I forgot to mention that Flash was one of four winners for "Best Costume".  Way to go,  Babe.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to Use the Home Warranty

With all the rain and high winds this week we're ready to dig out the home warranty and make some calls.  We've had a leak, rain water, in the basement.  We'll have to get that fixed before we finish it.  And last night I guess the house just couldn't take the strong winds anymore.  Some facia and soffiting blew off.

We were all playing a game at the kitchen table and heard a crash.  We thought something upstairs had fallen.  Mickey looked out the back door, just is case, but didn't see anything.  This morning I opened the blind on the back door and saw a piece of aluminum laying on the deck, wedged behind the grill.  (How did that happen?)  I gave it another look and (in my expert contractor opinion) decided it was something from the house.  The first thought was gutter but it was too small and not curved.  I then realized it was some kind of trim.  Then I thought of poor Mickey having to get a really tall ladder out to make the repair.  I stepped out on the deck to check the damage before making my report to Mickey.  Well, he doesn't have to get a really tall ladder.  A step stool will probably do.  The facia came off the top of the kitchen window.  I also found a little surprise inside.

Damage and Surprise

I'm not totally surprised by the bees' nest.  They were flying all over the place in the summer.  We saw a few climb in there too.  Mickey sprayed as best he could but those things are sneaky.  Now that it's cold he can take them down and hopefully we'll be rid of them for good.

A few other notes about today.  1.)  Meg had an eye doctor appt.  She is now wearing contacts.  Getting them in isn't too hard, it's getting them out.  2.)  According to Mickey a miracle happened in the kitchen this evening.  I let Kade help me make cookie dough and I didn't get all worked up.  That is amazing but I wouldn't say it's a miracle.  It was probably potd worthy but he didn't take a picture so you'll have to use your imagination.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Save Lids to Save Lives

Do you remember this post?  Even though we don't have that handy dandy snack drawer to store our yogurts in Kade and I still seem to go through several yogurts a week.  We like the Yoplait brand.  For the month of October they have pink lids for breast cancer awareness month.  If you mail the lids in Yoplait will donate money to research, or something like that.  Last year we saved and saved the lids but never got around to mailing them in.

lids save lives

This year we have many, many pink lids.  I hope we remember to send them in.  After all it is a good cause.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

These rain drops on the window are only part of the wild and crazy weather we had today.  The wind blew wickedly for most of the morning.  There was also a good down pour.  By 2pm the sun was trying to come out.  When the kids came home I found out the weather was even worse then I thought it had been.  Meg said she had a two hour storm drill (with on bathroom break) due to the tornado warning this morning.  What?  I had no idea since I don't watch tv or listen to the radio during the day.  I would hope I'd hear the storm sirens if they went off but I'm not too sure about that.  The reds only had a short storm drill which Meg found to be totally unfair.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lounging Around

It's another day of no ideas.  This is getting old.  Both the blogging everyday and the running out of ideas.  So I thought I'd show off our super comfy chaise lounge.  It was that or my blue toenails.  I think this is better.

Chaise Lounge

(The picture isn't all that great so I'll probably shoot it again tomorrow with better light.)

We did go with the white cover (that's machine washable) even though I really liked the gray one but it was dry clean only.  Don't like that.  If the kids want to sit on the lounge then we put a blanket down first.  Even I sit on a blanket.

The chaise lounge is perfect for reading, watching a movie, or just relaxing while you look out the window and the not nice neighbor's house.  I plan to get a fleece throw to snuggle under for the winter.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Personal Progress

Disclaimer:  Some of our readers may be offended by the following post.

Now that Meg is in Young Women she will be working on Personal Progress.  It's a program that helps the girls develop talents and spiritual growth.  Two of the leaders came by this afternoon to explain the program to us.  (The program has changed a few times, or evolved, since I was 12.)

Personal Progress

I think Meg is excited to take on the program.  (I was told I could work on it with her and earn the same award.  I'll think about it.)  Meg was looking through the book to see what activities she could start working on.  She found one that peeked her interest.  She asked if helping the elderly meant she could help grandma and grandpa.  Hysterical laughter followed.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quiet House

Mickey is at a youth dance. Meg is twisting balloons with grandpa. The reds, having been fed and bathed, are awaiting bed time. I was sitting at the computer working on tomorrow's lesson when I heard them talking. I snuck up with the camera to find them like this.


Snuggled up together in Mat's room.  Mat reading Kade a book she wrote.

These times when they aren't being loud or fighting or just bugging each other are so rare.  I had to capture this moment.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Costume Attachment

Last night the entire family was home.  That's such a rare thing lately.  Mickey mentioned that we should probably take the kids out to get costumes since we only have a week left.  I agreed knowing I would have the time of my life out shopping with the kids.  They didn't disappoint.

We went to Target.  Kade was the only one to find anything.  He tried it on as soon as we got home.  That's normal.  He jumped on the tramp in it.  A little weird.  Then he announced he wanted to sleep with it.  We talked him out of it.  I was surprised Kade didn't try to wear it to school this morning.  He was home for about 30 minutes before changing into the costume again.  He wore it most of the evening.  I wonder if he'll try to wear it to his soccer game in the morning.

Since the costume is getting worn a lot I wanted to give you a peek at it before it's stained and torn.  It's already a little dirty.


Can you guess what/who he's dressed up as?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snack of the Day

oatmeal cookies

This morning the drywall guy came over to finish up a wall we had moved in the kitchen.  This is the same guy that fixed a wall in the old house.  I gave him cookies on that day February day.  He made a comment about it yesterday.  Mickey suggested I make the drywall man some cookies today.  I really think Mickey wanted the cookies himself.  I decided to make oatmeal cookies.  I have to make a couple dozen plain for Mickey and then I throw in some golden raisins and mini chocolate chips in the remaining dough for the rest of us.

The recipe name is right.  They do vanish.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sometime last year a women's choir started at church.  I really enjoy singing in it.  We have a lot of fun doing different styles and arrangements.  In August our leader moved away.*  "We were on a break"** until tonight.  I was so happy to go and sing with these great women.  I've really missed it.  Tonight we practiced some music for an upcoming conference.

Choir Music

We also sang a couple Christmas songs.  Oh...that'll be here before we know it.  I was threatened with a solo.  I really hope they forget about that.

*We miss you K.

**Do you know where this reference comes from?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Carving a Pumpkin

Since Meg's turned 12 she has been going to Young Women's instead of Primary at church.  She was ready for the change.  We have a very small group of girls (ages 12-18).  On occasion the leaders out number them.  Tonight they had an activity.  Pumpkin carving.

Carving a jack

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Periwinkle Room

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I'd painted the studio.  I love the periwinkle color but the room still needed something, besides some art on the walls (which I have it's just not hung up yet).  On Saturday Mickey and I went to the temple and then stopped at IKEA on the way home.  How could we not?  We picked up a great bookcase for the studio.  (We also got the chaise lounge for our room.  Love it!)


The cubbies are big enough to hold all the scrapbooks I've made.  After Mickey and Kade put the bookcase together this afternoon I emptied about 6 more boxes.  There's a lot less clutter in that room.  Maybe I can start getting some work done.  I will post more pictures of the studio as I hang things and finish it up.  One thing that has to go is that carpet.  1.) It doesn't go with the wall color.  2.) I can't roll my chair on it while I'm sitting.  3.) It has a red paint stain.  (lower right corner)  At least I hope it's paint.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Did you know the needles on pine trees change colors and fall off?  I guess I never knew that.  We have several pines around our yard, not in our yard, but bordering it.  That means we have loads of rusty colored pine needles littering our yard.  Lovely.

The kids were out playing this afternoon and came up with something to do with all the needles.  Build nests.


My question is who's going to clean up all the nests?  I can guarantee the answer all around will be "Not me."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just For Kicks

Here's another soccer picture.  This time it's Meg hard at play.  She's a good player but her interest is fading.  This may be her last season.

Good Kick

We have two more weeks of soccer left.  We are looking forward to the break.  It's taken up a lot of time and only two were playing.  I vaguely remember last year being worse with all three playing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Patch

This morning I joined Kade's kindergarten class on a field trip to "The Patch".

The Patch

(Kade's head almost looks like a pumpkin unless you look closely.  Notice his rain boots.  They are fireman boots.  Bought especially for the field trip.)

I had some difficulties with the camera until I realized the lens was set on manual focus and not auto.  Duh.  Of course I didn't figure this out until all the fun stuff was over.  I lucked out with the picture above.  Then I got this beauty.

Enjoying an Apple

It really looks like he's enjoying that apple.  I love all his freckles.  Sadly there are no pictures with his green and orange pumpkin.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Learning to Read

Kade has really taken an interest in reading now that he's in school.  His teacher must encourage him the right way because he never showed any interest during the summer when I'd bring it up.

Tonight Kade read me a book he's been working on.  Play Ball.  He read it last week to his class.  He was so proud.  So am I.  Of him, I mean.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making Pizza

I know I've already blogged about us making our own pizzas but tonight we shared the experience with our local missionaries, Elders Peel and Meha.  I think they really got a kick out it.

making pizza

The process was a little slow since I have one oven and can only bake 4 at a time.  We had salad as an appetizer and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Thanks to Elder Peel we learned a cure for hiccups.  (He'd been dealing with them for two days.)  Get a glass of water and two straws.  Put one straw in the cup and one out.  Drink from the straws like normal.  After a few drinks it worked.

It's off the topic but I had to include something cute that happened today.

This morning Kade said a prayer before leaving for school.  He blessed me "to clean the house so it will be clean and to take a nap".  I wanted to bust out laughing but decided I'd better not.  I don't know which part is funnier, cleaning or taking a nap.  I think the kid knows me pretty well.  I didn't get much of the house cleaned or get a nap although I really wanted to do both.  There were too many other distractions going on.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Doing Homework

Is this how your homework spot looks or looked?

Doing Homework

This is how our 4th grader had her stuff spread out to get her homework done.  She did eventually get it done after lots of distractions.  She had lots to do tonight along with getting some work done for a big project due on Friday.  Mickey and I both agree we don't like 4th grade, mostly the Indiana history part of it.  This may be a long year.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Colors of Fall

Within the last week or two the leaves have really started changing colors.  With the temps being in the 70s and 80s how can you not want to be outside with all the beauty?  (Today's picture was actually taken on Saturday.  I'm bending the rules a little.)  Enjoy.

Colors of Fall

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flower Pots

Last minute, don't know what to do, picture today.

Flower Pots

These three pots, that sit in the window above the kitchen sink, were given to me by my three children on Mother's Day when they were in pre-school.  The one on the right is from Kade.  I have somehow managed to keep the original plant alive, even through the move.  It was a little sickly for a while but has recently started blooming again.  Meg's pot is in the middle.  That geranium blooms about twice a year.  Not sure why I keep it around.  Mat's pot is on the way left.  It's empty at the moment.  I'm thinking about putting some herbs in it.  We'll see.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

ND Tickets

Going to the game

Thanks to our friends, the Stones, Mickey and Chris got to go to the ND v. Pitt game this afternoon.  They had a great time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Leprechaun in Training

Mickey wanted to go to Notre Dame this afternoon.  The weather was lovely, again, so why not.  There is a large lawn on campus called Irish Green where there is Notre Dame-oriented entertainment on Friday nights before home games.  Megan twisted balloons there a few weeks ago.  There is food (Ben's Pretzels were so yummy!) and drink, face painting, balloon sculptures, games, and live music.  Today the pep rally was held on the Irish Green as well.  We stayed for a little of that.  While waiting for the rally to being the kids (mostly Kade) were flashing around the signs/banners they were given.  I think we have a little leprechaun in training.  What do you think?

Leprechaun in Training

"Go ND!  Beat Pitt!"

"Dad, where's Manti?"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Jungle

The flower beds in the front of the house have been in need of some attention for quite a while.  (I haven't wanted a repeat of this.)  The weather this afternoon was so lovely I just had to be outside.  I decided to tackle the jungle while enjoying the sunshine.  I pulled out as many weeds as I could get to and also pulled spent flowers.  In the middle of my work I had a volunteer.  I couldn't believe it.  I put her to work right away before she changed her mind.  She trimmed the daisies.

Cutting dead daisies

The help didn't last too long.  And then I was constantly being interrupted.  It's rather difficult to stay on task when three little people are continually asking questions or needing you to look at something.  I'd had it with the interruptions and asked Kade if he wanted to practice riding his bike.  He agreed.  Then we started and he was ready to give up after going 10 feet.  I challenged him and offered a reward (bribe) if he could finish the challenge.  (I was thinking if he could do 5 laps of our little dead end he'd probably have the balance and steering thing down.)  I had to keep tempting him with the reward but he finally did 5 laps on our street.  We also practiced on the hilly part of our yard.  I had him go down with his feet hanging down ready to stop.  This helps with balance and steering but no worries about pedaling.  After a few tries Kade was ready to call it quits.  I made him promise to do a lap with Mickey when he came home before getting his reward.

Mickey came home.  I reminded Kade of his promise.  I was making dinner, the windows were open, and I heard Mickey getting excited and then Kade.  Mickey came in and told me I had to come watch this.  I grabbed the camera and got this.


He did it!  Mickey got the credit for Kade learning to ride his bike and I'm out $5 for the promised reward.  Man, I really wish I had some singles in my wallet.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lunch Out

There are a few nice things about the kids being in school all day.  One, I get to decide if I'm going to work out or go back to bed for another hour or so.  Two, I only have to get myself snacks all day.  Three, I can go out to lunch with Mickey all by myself.  That's what we did today.

Lunch out

We went to a place called Hoosier Wings & Things.  Mickey had been there before and loves their chicken fingers.  (Have I ever posted about how that's about the only thing he ever orders when we go out to eat?  Weird.)  I got the Mushroom and Swiss burger.  But they have the option of substituting a chicken breast for the burger.  I really liked that, since I don't eat beef.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hat Rack

When I refinished the laundry room I wanted a coat rack very unlike the one that was already there.  I found it at IKEA.  Big surprise, right?  Now that the weather has started to cool off it's getting used.  (Actually I hung bathing suits on it in the summer.  Just remembered that.)  I bought two baskets at Hobby Lobby to keep gloves, hats, earmuffs, and scarves in.  It's now time to get those things out, freshened up, and put in their new home.


Some day that wallpaper in the hall will come down.  It's so country and so not us.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Mickey had a terribly busy week last week so he took today off to recoup.  He did have to do some work from home but at least he could ignore most of the work related e-mails he got.  He made some time to play video games and actually went back to sleep, which is a miracle for him.

This afternoon Mickey decided he wanted to clean out the garage enough to get his car in.  We had frost the last two nights and he doesn't want to be scraping ice off his windows in the morning.  Somehow he sucked me into helping him.  I guess leaving the van in the driveway wasn't enough help.

I was given a lesson on how to cut fire wood and then proceeded to make a decent pile.  (Can't wait to have a fire.)

Cutting Wood

Then I was offered the job of breaking down/cutting up boxes.  (Most of these were left from the move.  They'll be recycled tomorrow.)

Piles of Cardboard

You may be wondering what Mickey was doing while I was being so productive.  He was moving things around, sweeping, and putting shelves together to organize things.


We accomplished what we set out to do.

2 Cars in the Garage

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oct. 3rd

This morning and afternoon we watched conference.  It's always interesting to hear what the leaders of the church are inspired to talk about.

This evening Mickey, Meg, and I went to a SNC concert downtown.  My mom, Mike, and Betty tagged along with us.  It was SO amazing.   I could listen to them sing live everyday for months before it got old.  I suppose they're too busy to do me that favor.

Anyway, the camera is taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r to download the pictures and videos so the potd will be added tomorrow.  I need some sleep.

Added October 4th.

Here's the picture you've all been waiting for.  (It's not that great due to lighting.)


Also due to bad lighting and few old lady heads in front of us all the videos we took are garbage.  Decent sound but terrible video.  Here's a few links to our favorite songs.  Mickey's 1st and 2nd.  Meg's 1st and 2nd. My 1st and 2nd.  (I also like M & M's 2nds, among others.)  We all liked this one too.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flower Girl

Today was Mattey's day to shine.  First she got her hair done at Salon Tia.

At the Salon

The curls are coming.  She was so excited to get her hair done.  (I've just never knows what to do with hair.  I've learned to keep mine somewhat under control but cutting back and using lots of product but other than that...I'm pretty clueless.  I did get a lesson today.  I might be able to repeat this.)

Hair Do

The finished head of hair.  It turned out great.  Thanks Amanda.

After the salon we went to the church to get ready for the wedding.  She put on her dress, tights, and new shoes.  She got to wait around with the bride and bride's maids.  They all seemed to take her under their wing and adored her.  She loved that.  Her cousin J was the ring bearer.  (The purple pearl bracelet was a gift from the bride and groom.)

Down the Isle

Mat was a little nervous to be in front of all those people but she did a great job.

Later at the reception she danced a lot, some with Mickey, once with me, thrice with the groom, and many times with her cousins.  I have a lot of pictures from the reception but the lighting wasn't great.  I'll go through them later and link an album if I come up with enough.  We never got around to getting our family picture taken so I'll have to show off my dress some other time.

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Style

This week when I took Meg shopping for some shirts she surprised me.  She was picking out things that she would never have chosen last year.  I started to notice the style change last two months when Meg was given some clothes from a friend of ours.  They were not girly but they were more feminine than the things she usually wears.  I was shocked the first time Meg wore those shirts.  I seriously doubted they would ever get off the floor of her closet.

It's nice to see Meg add something new to her wardrobe.  If only we could all be so brave.

Here's a little something she picked out and wore to school.  (And here I thought I'd have to make her wear it to church.)

New Style

She really didn't want to pose for me so we compromised.  No face.