Monday, October 4, 2010


Mickey had a terribly busy week last week so he took today off to recoup.  He did have to do some work from home but at least he could ignore most of the work related e-mails he got.  He made some time to play video games and actually went back to sleep, which is a miracle for him.

This afternoon Mickey decided he wanted to clean out the garage enough to get his car in.  We had frost the last two nights and he doesn't want to be scraping ice off his windows in the morning.  Somehow he sucked me into helping him.  I guess leaving the van in the driveway wasn't enough help.

I was given a lesson on how to cut fire wood and then proceeded to make a decent pile.  (Can't wait to have a fire.)

Cutting Wood

Then I was offered the job of breaking down/cutting up boxes.  (Most of these were left from the move.  They'll be recycled tomorrow.)

Piles of Cardboard

You may be wondering what Mickey was doing while I was being so productive.  He was moving things around, sweeping, and putting shelves together to organize things.


We accomplished what we set out to do.

2 Cars in the Garage

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