Friday, October 22, 2010

Costume Attachment

Last night the entire family was home.  That's such a rare thing lately.  Mickey mentioned that we should probably take the kids out to get costumes since we only have a week left.  I agreed knowing I would have the time of my life out shopping with the kids.  They didn't disappoint.

We went to Target.  Kade was the only one to find anything.  He tried it on as soon as we got home.  That's normal.  He jumped on the tramp in it.  A little weird.  Then he announced he wanted to sleep with it.  We talked him out of it.  I was surprised Kade didn't try to wear it to school this morning.  He was home for about 30 minutes before changing into the costume again.  He wore it most of the evening.  I wonder if he'll try to wear it to his soccer game in the morning.

Since the costume is getting worn a lot I wanted to give you a peek at it before it's stained and torn.  It's already a little dirty.


Can you guess what/who he's dressed up as?


kellymear said...


Kelly said...

Wow! You're good, Kelly. Do you have a Mario too?

kellymear said...

No, I'm just a good guesser. :) We don't have anything Nintendo and I'm pretty sure my kids don't even know who Mario is, actually. But I sure do, and the bright colors and big yellow buttons were good clues. I love how you can see the bottom of Kade's happy smile in the photo- that's one happy Mario!