Friday, October 29, 2010


Per Amy's request here is Flash, a.k.a. Mickey.


We went to a trunk-or-treat this evening.  We froze our bums off while there.  The kids had fun.  There was a little carnival after dinner, a hay ride, and then the main event, begging for candy.  Oh, I mean trick-or-treating.

I've got to get some sugared up kids to bed.  Wish me luck.

I forgot to mention that Flash was one of four winners for "Best Costume".  Way to go,  Babe.


becca said...

he moved so fast all evening i never even saw him! LOL. It was sooo cold! You got your blog post up quickly. nice. Also, I never chatted with you! boo! I know my kids had fun, but im glad the evening is over. :)

Janel said...

I still remember Captain Jack. Mickey is awesome at Halloween.