Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flower Girl

Today was Mattey's day to shine.  First she got her hair done at Salon Tia.

At the Salon

The curls are coming.  She was so excited to get her hair done.  (I've just never knows what to do with hair.  I've learned to keep mine somewhat under control but cutting back and using lots of product but other than that...I'm pretty clueless.  I did get a lesson today.  I might be able to repeat this.)

Hair Do

The finished head of hair.  It turned out great.  Thanks Amanda.

After the salon we went to the church to get ready for the wedding.  She put on her dress, tights, and new shoes.  She got to wait around with the bride and bride's maids.  They all seemed to take her under their wing and adored her.  She loved that.  Her cousin J was the ring bearer.  (The purple pearl bracelet was a gift from the bride and groom.)

Down the Isle

Mat was a little nervous to be in front of all those people but she did a great job.

Later at the reception she danced a lot, some with Mickey, once with me, thrice with the groom, and many times with her cousins.  I have a lot of pictures from the reception but the lighting wasn't great.  I'll go through them later and link an album if I come up with enough.  We never got around to getting our family picture taken so I'll have to show off my dress some other time.


Janel said...

Wow! Go Mattey, and go Amanda. That hair looks awesome. But about the anticipated family picture...

Kelly said...

I know. Maybe you should come for a visit and take it. Hint, hint.