Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Jungle

The flower beds in the front of the house have been in need of some attention for quite a while.  (I haven't wanted a repeat of this.)  The weather this afternoon was so lovely I just had to be outside.  I decided to tackle the jungle while enjoying the sunshine.  I pulled out as many weeds as I could get to and also pulled spent flowers.  In the middle of my work I had a volunteer.  I couldn't believe it.  I put her to work right away before she changed her mind.  She trimmed the daisies.

Cutting dead daisies

The help didn't last too long.  And then I was constantly being interrupted.  It's rather difficult to stay on task when three little people are continually asking questions or needing you to look at something.  I'd had it with the interruptions and asked Kade if he wanted to practice riding his bike.  He agreed.  Then we started and he was ready to give up after going 10 feet.  I challenged him and offered a reward (bribe) if he could finish the challenge.  (I was thinking if he could do 5 laps of our little dead end he'd probably have the balance and steering thing down.)  I had to keep tempting him with the reward but he finally did 5 laps on our street.  We also practiced on the hilly part of our yard.  I had him go down with his feet hanging down ready to stop.  This helps with balance and steering but no worries about pedaling.  After a few tries Kade was ready to call it quits.  I made him promise to do a lap with Mickey when he came home before getting his reward.

Mickey came home.  I reminded Kade of his promise.  I was making dinner, the windows were open, and I heard Mickey getting excited and then Kade.  Mickey came in and told me I had to come watch this.  I grabbed the camera and got this.


He did it!  Mickey got the credit for Kade learning to ride his bike and I'm out $5 for the promised reward.  Man, I really wish I had some singles in my wallet.


BettyS said...

Hooray for the volunteer and awesome for the new bike rider! Those are sweet moments in a parents life! Lucky kids have great parents!

Standiford Family » Blog Archive » Bike Riding said...

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