Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making Pizza

I know I've already blogged about us making our own pizzas but tonight we shared the experience with our local missionaries, Elders Peel and Meha.  I think they really got a kick out it.

making pizza

The process was a little slow since I have one oven and can only bake 4 at a time.  We had salad as an appetizer and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  Thanks to Elder Peel we learned a cure for hiccups.  (He'd been dealing with them for two days.)  Get a glass of water and two straws.  Put one straw in the cup and one out.  Drink from the straws like normal.  After a few drinks it worked.

It's off the topic but I had to include something cute that happened today.

This morning Kade said a prayer before leaving for school.  He blessed me "to clean the house so it will be clean and to take a nap".  I wanted to bust out laughing but decided I'd better not.  I don't know which part is funnier, cleaning or taking a nap.  I think the kid knows me pretty well.  I didn't get much of the house cleaned or get a nap although I really wanted to do both.  There were too many other distractions going on.

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