Sunday, October 24, 2010

Personal Progress

Disclaimer:  Some of our readers may be offended by the following post.

Now that Meg is in Young Women she will be working on Personal Progress.  It's a program that helps the girls develop talents and spiritual growth.  Two of the leaders came by this afternoon to explain the program to us.  (The program has changed a few times, or evolved, since I was 12.)

Personal Progress

I think Meg is excited to take on the program.  (I was told I could work on it with her and earn the same award.  I'll think about it.)  Meg was looking through the book to see what activities she could start working on.  She found one that peeked her interest.  She asked if helping the elderly meant she could help grandma and grandpa.  Hysterical laughter followed.


DadS said...

Hey ! I resemble that remark ! Hummmm ... we do have a lot of newly fallen leaves in our yard. ;0)

michellekarren said...

I love it! I guess helping the elderly could also mean her parents? Ha. I am doing Personal Progress with Abbi too!