Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

These rain drops on the window are only part of the wild and crazy weather we had today.  The wind blew wickedly for most of the morning.  There was also a good down pour.  By 2pm the sun was trying to come out.  When the kids came home I found out the weather was even worse then I thought it had been.  Meg said she had a two hour storm drill (with on bathroom break) due to the tornado warning this morning.  What?  I had no idea since I don't watch tv or listen to the radio during the day.  I would hope I'd hear the storm sirens if they went off but I'm not too sure about that.  The reds only had a short storm drill which Meg found to be totally unfair.


becca said...

my kids said the same thing about the storm warnings. Im glad the schools are cautious I guess. but how boring. I did hear the tornado siren around 9:15. You kind of have to be outside to hear it...

Your chaise is awesome by the way!!! :)

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