Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time to Use the Home Warranty

With all the rain and high winds this week we're ready to dig out the home warranty and make some calls.  We've had a leak, rain water, in the basement.  We'll have to get that fixed before we finish it.  And last night I guess the house just couldn't take the strong winds anymore.  Some facia and soffiting blew off.

We were all playing a game at the kitchen table and heard a crash.  We thought something upstairs had fallen.  Mickey looked out the back door, just is case, but didn't see anything.  This morning I opened the blind on the back door and saw a piece of aluminum laying on the deck, wedged behind the grill.  (How did that happen?)  I gave it another look and (in my expert contractor opinion) decided it was something from the house.  The first thought was gutter but it was too small and not curved.  I then realized it was some kind of trim.  Then I thought of poor Mickey having to get a really tall ladder out to make the repair.  I stepped out on the deck to check the damage before making my report to Mickey.  Well, he doesn't have to get a really tall ladder.  A step stool will probably do.  The facia came off the top of the kitchen window.  I also found a little surprise inside.

Damage and Surprise

I'm not totally surprised by the bees' nest.  They were flying all over the place in the summer.  We saw a few climb in there too.  Mickey sprayed as best he could but those things are sneaky.  Now that it's cold he can take them down and hopefully we'll be rid of them for good.

A few other notes about today.  1.)  Meg had an eye doctor appt.  She is now wearing contacts.  Getting them in isn't too hard, it's getting them out.  2.)  According to Mickey a miracle happened in the kitchen this evening.  I let Kade help me make cookie dough and I didn't get all worked up.  That is amazing but I wouldn't say it's a miracle.  It was probably potd worthy but he didn't take a picture so you'll have to use your imagination.


Janel said...

Which is the amazing part? The letting Kade help, or the you not getting worked up? Or you making cookies? : )

Kelly said...

The part about me not getting worked up and actually letting him help. He's gotten really good at cracking eggs. Seriously. And me making cookies? That's not amazing unless you count the way they taste. :-)