Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Day Off

Mickey took today off to prepare for the release of a video game at midnight.  I'm not sure how he thinks he's going to stay up that late.

He/we had a very busy day.  Mickey was nice and got the kids off to school for me.  Which let me start my workout a little earlier.  Then we got a call from a plumber.  Last week one of our hot water heaters started leaking and a few weeks ago, when we had all that rain, our basement started leaking.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for the homeowner's warrantee.  They said we needed a new heater.  They left to get one and after being installed, the new heater gushed water everywhere.  A different new one was called for.  Poor Mickey was then stuck at home to deal with all that because I had to help the neighbor, get some groceries, and work at the library.  The new, new heater did get installed and it's not leaking.  That's a very good thing.  As for the leaking basement we'll need to work with a contractor to get it fixed.

This afternoon Mickey decided to rake the leaves.  That's normally my thing but I'm trying to rehab my back, again.  The kids helped him (somewhat) with that chore.  While he did that I spray painted the light post.  We bought new exterior lights a while ago and the post needed a little revamping.  I bought a can of black spray paint and now it looks great.

Then the sprinkler guy came by to winterize the sprinklers.  He pointed out a few big things that will need to be fixed in the spring.  This really makes me wonder how thorough our inspector was.  Things not up to code and the basement leak.

After a yummy dinner we ended our busy day with family home evening.  The highlights were the treat (the 1st one) and the activity.

Here's Mickey showing off his skills.

Dance Central

I now know how he's going to go out at midnight.  He's already in bed and plans to wake up in time to leave.  Crazy.

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