Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Developing Talents

That was the topic for Meg's Young Women activity tonight.  She was asked to bring in pictures of herself sharing or developing her various talents.  She mentioned needing the pictures to me on the way out of church.  That was Sunday, obviously.  Fast forward through my restful afternoon nap, through a busy Monday, and a busy Tuesday morning and afternoon to 5:30 p.m..  "Oh, I need pictures of my talents."  Is this how things go at your house?  Some times there is just too much going on.  Anyway, I volunteered to look for pictures so the Ms could eat and leave on time.

As part of the talent activity the girls made a collage with the pictures they brought.  Here's Meg's.

Meg's Collage

The talents represented are:  swimming/diving, soccer, softball, kayaking, basketball, photography, balloon twisting, crocheting, violin, and I'm guessing the cookies represent eating junk food.  I'm not sure what the snakes are all about but the dog is for her love for most things furry.  She sure does have lots of things to keep her busy.  Sounds like someone else I know.

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