Sunday, November 14, 2010

Drying Out

With the temperatures cooling off and the furnace being on we've had a lot of bloody noses already.  We need the moisture.  We are resorting to putting vaseline up our noses every night.  At least I am.  Was that too personal?

More Moisture

(Please note that the wall is dirty because it hasn't been painted yet.)

We put a small humidifier in the hall by the bedrooms but I don't know how well that'll work.  It's better than nothing.  We'll have to check the humidifier attached to the furnace.  It doesn't seem to being too much.  Good thing two brothers with heating and cooling skills will be coming over for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of that...I'm trying to decide if I really have time to tackle the main floor bathroom before turkey day.  It's not very big but it's covered in wallpaper.  My favorite.  Before I start the project though I need to find the shower curtain.  I need some inspiration for that room.  Anyone seen a great shower curtain lately?  Nothing too bold.  I'd like it to blend with the rest of the main floor.  But right now that's mostly cream.  Yuck.  Every time I look at the dining room I get all warm and fuzzy inside.  I really love it.  And then I notice how boring the foyer and kitchen are and I get depressed.  I'm sure that will encourage me to paint those places soon.  I know, a little at a time.

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becca said...

oh, we have the dry nose, Vaseline issue here too. stinks. so irritating. ha! no pun intended!!