Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jello Cake*

We haven't had a boring Saturday seems like forever.  A few of us stayed in our jammies all day.  Three of us are sick and one is crippled (in a boot).

The bathroom make over is at a stand still.  When the wallpaper came off so did a lot of primer leaving bare drywall exposed.  I am not good at mudding and Mickey doesn't like to do it.  So we're waiting on the drywall man.  He should be here Monday morning.  If all goes well I should still have time to finish painting before Thursday.

Meg had a youth activity cleaning up a local park.  She did a lot of raking.

Mattey was bored.  She found a box of Jello in the pantry.  She begged me to make it.  I let her help.  She wanted one flavor (cherry) and Kade wanted another (blue raspberry).  We decided to layer them.

Jello Cake

The Jello cake* was our dessert.

*Jello cake is what Mattey called it.

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