Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let There Be Light

Years ago, when I watched a lot of HGTV or TLC programming, I would wish we had a Home Depot nearby.  That's always where the designers would go to get cool things for the house they were working on.  A couple years ago I got my wish.  And I must say that Home Depot is becoming one of my favorite stores.  It's been my go-to-place for Behr paint and our recent purchase of exterior lights.  We made another trip there today.  (Mickey and I meet there for "lunch" on occasion.  And sometimes I'm lucky enough to get Chick-fil-a too.)

Since I've been working on the dining room I wanted to update the chandelier.  At first I was going to wait and look around for the right one.  And to satisfy my need to get rid of the brass I was going to spray paint it black.  Then I took another look at the shape of the chandelier and decided it was just too ugly and it would continue to be ugly after it was black.  Mickey suggested I start looking for a new one.  He also suggested that we meet for "lunch" to pick one out.  (I guess he didn't want to hear me complaining about the ugly one.)  I shopped on line to save some time and found one I really liked and the price was great too.  So great we got one for the kitchen.

After some intense work (and an almost lost temper) the chandelier got hung.


(I think this picture shows the wall color better than the one below.)

I'm guessing the kitchen one won't get hung for a while.

Anyone need an ugly brass chandelier?  I'll even throw in the light bulbs.

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