Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Month, A New Project

...because I really don't have enough to do.  Yeah, right.

I got it in my head today that I was going to start work on the dining room.  It's the next room on my list.  This is what the walls looked like before I started.

Dining Room Before

Not terrible but dated and definitely not us.  The dark blue bottom is paint.

I had an awesome helper today.  Kade was so into ripping the wallpaper off and then scrapping off the paper/glue backing.  He was even sweeping the floor for me as I worked on the high parts he couldn't reach.  We got all the facing off and have stripped the backing off one wall.  It's going a little slow but that's because the room is bigger than I thought it was.  There are lots of places I'll have to mud and prime because the cheap primer was pulled off with the wallpaper.  That's really my only complaint.  Not too bad.

Mickey did take a picture of us working together.  I finally made a potd.  It's been a while.

Ripping Wallpaper

And yay me for blogging for 10 months!  Two more to go.  I think I can do it.

Update (9:55p.m.): Thanks to my best friend the wallpaper is totally gone.  Mickey came in to help me finish.  What a great guy!  Now tomorrow I'll be washing, mudding, sanding, and if I'm lucky, priming.  Anyone want to come for a visit?

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