Monday, November 29, 2010

Revamped Art

A few weeks ago I was out looking for some stuff for the house.  (I feel like I've been doing that a lot lately.  And a lot of looking doesn't mean a lot of finds.)  I walked through the clearance section at the JC Penney Home store to see what they had.  There was something that caught my eye although it was totally ugly.  It was a set of three frames with some kind of odd art in them.  The "bones" of the frame set is what caught my attention and then my mind starting making plans.  I looked at the price tag and had to laugh.  The original price was $200 and it was marked down to $18 and change.  That's more than 90% off!  I couldn't pass it up.  When can you get three nice shaped frames for around $6 a piece?  Almost never.  Here's what they looked like before.


I really don't know what Cindy Crawford was thinking when these were designed or why she'd try to sell them for $200.  Would you buy them?  The frames are PLASTIC.

Are you wondering what was going through my mind?  Spray paint. I had some black left from another project and used it on the frames after I tore them apart.  I even painted the mats, using the purple from the wall on the smaller mat.  Then came the hard part, finding the art to go inside.  After searching and searching and finding two different options that didn't work I went with scrapbook paper for now.  I can replace it when I find what I'm looking for.  Or if I take some awesome pictures in the future.  Now for the reveal.

Revamped Art II

For $20 I'm very happy with them.  They eat up a large amount of space on one wall in the dining room.  Now it doesn't look so empty in there.


Janel said...

Much better! Way to have an eye for these kinds of things, Kelly!

becca said...

wow Kelly!!! awesome!!!

amandas said...

OOh! Those look great! Good job!

michellekarren said...

Love, love love it!

harleywife57 said...

very nice !!! you can do art with fabric also ! ( I read about it online !) nice and frugal work .

Mickey (Kelly) White