Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sleep Over

It's kind of funny how now that the kids all have their own rooms they want to sleep together.  At the old house all we heard was complaining about having to share a room.  Maybe they really liked it but didn't want to say so.  Who knows.  Mattey and Kade started this a few weeks ago.  Mat made Kade a bed on the floor in her room.  He was allowed to sleep there on Friday and Saturday nights.  Tonight Meg is joining in the fun.

Sleep over

This is the story before bed.  I better go check on them and make sure the lights are getting turned off.  They think they're staying up late but really they aren't since we have to change the clocks tonight.

A side note:  Mickey took all the kids to get haircuts today.  He got one too.  They all look nice.  Love that Mat's is short again.

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