Thursday, November 18, 2010

Table for Five

When we got married many years ago we were given a table and 4 chairs.  I don't know how old that table was but we've used it for 17 years.  It has held up through lots of abuse.  We ended up buying new chairs a several years ago.  But when we added Kade to our family we didn't really have room for him.  Luckily he didn't know any better while he sat in his high chair.

We've been saying we need to get a bigger table for a while now.  Having Thanksgiving at our house has given me more reason to really start looking for a table.  About two weeks ago I went out and found one.  The delivery was scheduled for last Thursday.  The chairs were perfect.  The table...not so much.  The leaf was cracked and therefore broken.  Today a new and perfect one was delivered.

kitchen table

(I should have wiped it off before taking a picture.  Oh well.)

I love it.  There is a leaf hidden beneath the table.  When it's opened we can seat 8!  Now I'll be searching for some lovely placemats to protect the new table.

Added info: Here's the link for the table.  It's from JC Penney.  We did get it on sale and an extra 10% off with some coupon that's no longer valid.  With the leaf in the table is 54" square.  It also comes in a lighter finish.


kellymear said...

beautiful! So, is it a square when it opens up, then? If so, where did you find it? I want a square table, but can only find ones the barstool height chairs, which I don't want with my littles. Our table now seats 6, which means its filled to capacity not counting Simon- which means we've really already outgrown it, darnit.

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