Saturday, November 27, 2010

Temple Trip

This was Meg's first Temple Trip.  We had a very small amount of youth go but we had plenty of adult support.  Mickey and I both went along with Mike (grandpa).  Thanks, Betty, for watching the reds.

Temple Trip


Janel said...

Megan going to the temple? Time flies. That is a great picture, and makes me homesick for the midwest. How go the Cmas cards, Kelly?

Kelly said...

I feel a little old having a 12 year old. I'm sure you don't miss the Chicago traffic.

The cards are not going. I was planning to send Thanksgiving cards so everyone would have our new address before December but that didn't happen. We can't seem to get our family picture taken. I'll have to make dinner plans with our photographer friend and have him take our picture or something. I'd like to do it this week happens.

BettyS said...

You're welcome! The reds and I had a great time. Love the picture! Congratulations Megan!