Friday, December 31, 2010

365 Days

Well, I did it.  Blogged about every single day of this year.  I can't believe how fast 2010 has gone.  Mickey got a picture of me catching up on our vacation.  That seems fitting for the potd.


At the beginning of this project I wanted to figure out a way to make my life simpler.  I don't really know that I did but I have learned to let some things slide.

I am happy that I preserved this whole year.  I've found the kids looking through the archives and remembering things that have happened.  That makes it so worth it for me.  I can't wait to have this year printed in a book.  I'm going to need a good night's sleep before I decide if I'm going to do this again next year.

Thanks for reading about our family.  Happy New Year.

December 23rd

Now I know I already blogged about this day but I just wanted to show you that we did see some blue sky before we left (miserable) California.

Blue skies

I guess California can be beautiful after all.

December 22nd

After breakfast we left our lovely, leaky hotel and headed to Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Kade at Universal Studios

Lost in the mist The Grinch is here

We got in line to meet the Grinch.  While in line we watched people making snow.  We had to giggle at that since we left several inches at home.

Making snow

Then we met the Grinch and got our 4th family picture taken.

Hangin' with the Grinch

We walked around a little and found a ride we wanted to try.  Mat, Kade, and I opted out at the last minute.  Mickey said we chose right.  While waiting for the dare devils to come out the rain started coming down hard.  We were ready to leave at this point.  We stopped at a diner for lunch and when we started to go we noticed that rain was pouring down.  So hard the rain was bouncing back up.  We made a run for it.  We were rather disappointed in Universal Studios.  We expected more and we didn't see it.  The weather also had some play in this but...

We drove to our new, and last, hotel.  That's when we saw the double rainbow.

Double Rainbow

The hotel, another Embassy Suites, was amazing.  There was a little jungle, ponds full of fish and turtles, and a few fountains throughout the lobby and halls.  The pool was nice and so was the hot tub.

The hot tub

We eat some good snacks and watched tv before going to bed.

December 21st

When we went down to breakfast we saw that the hotel was still leaking.  Part of the buffet area had been roped off due to the leaking.  Still not really bothering us.

When the rain let up in the late morning we head over to California Adventure, right next door to Disneyland.  The rain picked up again after lunch.  We stuck it out for about 6 hours.  That's the longest we stayed anywhere.  And that's because the rain and wind were lighter than the previous days and we were inside a lot more.  The rain puddles did help with interesting pictures.


We caught the Aladdin Musical.  It was amazing!

Happy Boy The Ferris Wheel no one would ride

New Toy Story Figures Wet map

We also had to try the Soarin' ride.

In line for Soarin'

While in line Mickey told the kids what the ride was going to be like.  It kind of backfired.  Kade started freaking out at the mention of heights.  He was so convinced he was going to hate it.  The following picture is after the ride.  Does this look like a kid who hated the ride?

Loved Soarin'

Um, no.  He absolutely loved it.  In fact everyone loved it but me.  I would have puked if it lasted much longer.

Leaving California Adventure

The kids leaving California Adventure after a long wet day.

We grabbed some dinner and stopped at Target, which was right across the street, for a few snacks to get us through the next two days.  Mickey watched the Lakers game and wished he was there in person.  We all went to sleep and were woken at 1:40 a.m. when the p.a. system asked us to exit the building because a fire had been detected.  We were a little naughty when we stopped to put shoes and jackets on.  Mickey grabbed a few things that would allow us to get home if need be.  But I had to laugh about the fact that he didn't grab the car keys.  Those would have come in real handy because IT WAS STILL RAINING.  After about 10 minutes a security guy came out and told us it was a false alarm.  This will be the story we all remember.

The manager told us the following morning that a sprinkler head had gotten wet, from all the leaking, and that made the fire alarm go off.  It's nice to know the alarm works but it would have been better if it was a night we weren't there.

December 20th

Disneyland.  Even though we were about 7 minutes away from Disneyland we took a shuttle.  It was a great idea.  There were tons of people walking towards the front gate when we arrived and later found out they were walking from the parking lot.  It was a hike.  With Meg's foot hurting we got her a wheelchair right from the get go.  This was such a blessing.  Not only was she not in much pain but the wheelchair got us to the front of most lines.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Here are the kids in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.  You can actually go into this castle.  There is a little Sleeping Beauty "show" you walk through.

The rain was very light in the morning.  We took advantage of that and rode a few rides like Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur's Carrousel, and Jungle Cruise to name a few.  Mickey and Meg went on Splash Mountain.  Good thing they were already wet.  The rain picked up in the afternoon and we decided we'd had enough.

Later Mickey treated us to a movie, Tangled.  It was really good.  We all liked it.  It will definitely get added to our movie collection.  As we left the theatre we ran into this.

Stopping the Flood

The sand bags were stopping the water from entering the parking garage.  The shopping mall wasn't the only worried about water.  Our hotel had a few leaks.  They didn't really effect us.  Well...not yet.

Since we had to pack light to avoid luggage fees I did laundry at the hotel that night.  One of the dryers died because of all the use it was getting from everyone's wet clothes and shoes.

All tuckered out.

Out for the Night Sleeping Beauty

December 19th

This is the day we left our lovely hotel, an Embassy Suites, and went to Legoland in Carlsbad.

It rained the entire time we were there so there aren't a lot of pictures.  A lot of the rides/attractions were closed due to the rain too.  With that being said it wasn't the best place to visit.  Although there were several magnificent Lego creations decorating the park.  Here's a few.

SeaLife Carolers

Elves at Work Mariachi Band

Elephant Giraffes

Dragon Dinosaur

Another Dino Legoland

The kids found Santa in his sleigh with a couple of reindeer.  They just had to have a picture with him.

Santa's Sleigh

We battled the rain for a few hours and called it quits.  We stopped by our friends' house to catch up and have dinner with them.  I totally forgot to take my camera out.  It was so nice to dry out, relax, and eat a yummy home-cooked meal.  Thanks, Jessica.  It was still raining when we left.  We were wondering if it was ever going to end.  Our next hotel was a Homewood Suites in Anaheim.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner Request

I'm sure all of us that cook get into a rut when it comes to making dinner.  I am often asking for requests or ideas but I rarely get any response.  I got one today from Mattey.  Spaghetti and meatballs.  I made the sauce and meatballs from scratch.  I ended up using all four burners at the same time.  Don't know if I've done that before.  If you look closely you can see grease splatters on the cook top.  I got burned a few times.

Dinner Request

When dinner was Mickey had to leave, Meg and Kade didn't want what I made, and Mat, the requester, only ate a little bit.  I'm so glad I went through all that trouble making dinner.  I guess we'll be having leftovers for a while.

Mickey and Meg both went to the doctor today.  Meg has bronchitis and Mickey has another sinus infection.  I'm ready to open the house to get all the germs out.

December 18th

The kids woke up way too early for going to bed so late the night before.  We had another delicious breakfast.  This is pretty typical of our hot breakfasts.  Sometimes we'd have pancakes or waffles instead of french toast.

A typical breakfast

We had some time to kill before Sea World opened so we headed to a (dog) beach to look at the ocean.  I was not impressed.  Everything was gray.  (I know, we were there the wrong week.)

Contemplating life Where's the sun

I thought it was supposed to be blue. So this is the beautiful ocean?

(Mat's missing because she was grouchy at the time pictures were being taken.)

At Sea World we had to take in the Shamu show.  It was very entertaining.

Shamu Feed me Coming at us

We tried to feed some bat rays.  Mickey, of all people, was the only one to succeed.  A bird flew off with Kade's fish.  Meg and I got freaked out by the ugly rays emerging from the water so we dropped the fish.  It will be just fine if I never see another bat ray again.

Riding the rapids

We all went on the rapids ride.  Thank goodness we were already wearing our ponchos or we would have gotten soaked.  (This is one of FOUR family pictures taken on the trip.  That's amazing.)

The kids rode some rides before we left for the hotel.  The boys wanted to check out the Midway Aircraft Carrier.

Midway Museum 1 Midway Museum 4

Midway Museum 2 Midway Museum 3

Later that evening we toured the Mormon Battalion.  It's been drastically improved since Mickey visited it 13 years ago.  The kids really got into it, as you can see.

heavy pack Ready to go to war

Panning for gold I don't see any gold

Another family photo.