Friday, December 31, 2010

365 Days

Well, I did it.  Blogged about every single day of this year.  I can't believe how fast 2010 has gone.  Mickey got a picture of me catching up on our vacation.  That seems fitting for the potd.


At the beginning of this project I wanted to figure out a way to make my life simpler.  I don't really know that I did but I have learned to let some things slide.

I am happy that I preserved this whole year.  I've found the kids looking through the archives and remembering things that have happened.  That makes it so worth it for me.  I can't wait to have this year printed in a book.  I'm going to need a good night's sleep before I decide if I'm going to do this again next year.

Thanks for reading about our family.  Happy New Year.

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Amy Stone said...

One more year, please.