Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boys & Their Toys

Yesterday Mickey took Meg and Kade out shopping.  (Mattey was confined to her room until it was cleaned.  She's still there.)  They ended up at Target, our go to place.  Meg resisted buying anything because she's saving up for an iPod Touch.  She's getting close.  Kade came home with a new Nerf dart gun.  This is not something I would have let him spend his money on because he already has one and has lost most of the darts.  Anyway...the toy was only $8 so at least he didn't blow all his Christmas money.

Nerf Gun

This dart gun is way better than his other one.  Everyone wanted a turn shooting it.  I took one today.  It has excellent aim.  I tested it out on the window --it has sticky darts--and then I turned it on a better target, Mickey.  I got him with every shot.

Fast forward to later in the day.  Mickey had run out for a few things and came back with a large bag from ToysRUs.  That's never good unless it's filled with Legos that were on sale.  In the bag were three more dart guns and a Nerf football.  After checking out his purchases I informed him he hadn't gotten enough guns.  Now someone will have to defend them self with a football.  That is just not right.  I'll need at least two guns when we attack each other.

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