Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 16th Revisited

This was the day we left for our California vacation.  We left from South Bend, taking a smallish plane to Chicago.  For this flight our cousin had pulled some strings and got us in first class.  Kade lived it up.

Enjoying First Class

We arrived very late in San Diego.  We picked up our rental car, a Chevy Traverse, and headed to our hotel.  Before arriving we all complained about being hungry.  We searched and searched for a fast food place.  With the help of Miley, our GPS, we found a Wendy's.  The doors were locked although the sign said they were still open for 10 more minutes and there were still people inside waiting in line.  That was frustrating.  We finally found a Jack in the Box with a 24 hour drive thru.  It didn't taste very good but when you're hungry you'll eat almost anything.  We went to bed dreaming of the yummy breakfast the hotel was going to provide in the morning.

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