Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 17th

We woke at our hotel, Embassy Suites (I think it's our new favorite), and had a great fresh, hot breakfast.  We went back upstairs to get dressed for the day.  This was the view from our ocean view room.  (Beyond the ship you can see some of the ocean but it's mainly a naval yard.  Mickey was happy about that.)

View from our hotel window

That is the Midway Aircraft Carrier, it's now a museum.  More on that another day.

The 17th is the day we went to the San Diego Zoo.  We bought Southern California City Passes with tickets to all kinds of places.  The thing we didn't know is that you have to have the entire booklet with you if you want to use one of the tickets.  We found this out when we tried to get into the zoo.  Luckily our hotel was only minutes away.  We retrieved the booklets and tried it again.  We got in without any problems.

For Mickey the zoo, and anything with animals really, can be torturous.  So we tried to make this visit not too terrible for him or Meg's hurt foot.  We took a tour bus around most of the enormous zoo.

Checking the map on the bus tour

Checking out the map.

This allowed us to see a lot of the animals in a short time.  We decided to walk around and see the animals we didn't see on the tour.  By the time we got to the back of the zoo Meg's foot was really hurting.  The options were to piggy back her to the front of the zoo and get a wheelchair, but we weren't planning on staying too much longer, or for her and a few other brave souls to take the Airfari ride to the front.  Mat and I wimpped out so we had to hoof it to the front.

Here's my favorite picture from the zoo.  It also happens to be the potd.

Pucker Up

After leaving the zoo we grabbed some lunch and went back to the hotel.  There we rested and swam before having snacks in the lobby.  That wasn't too filling so we ordered pizza.  We were looking for something to entertain us while we ate and found The Wizard of Oz.  I think the kids really enjoyed it.

Here's a link to some of the pictures I've already sorted through, if you want to take a look.

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