Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 18th

The kids woke up way too early for going to bed so late the night before.  We had another delicious breakfast.  This is pretty typical of our hot breakfasts.  Sometimes we'd have pancakes or waffles instead of french toast.

A typical breakfast

We had some time to kill before Sea World opened so we headed to a (dog) beach to look at the ocean.  I was not impressed.  Everything was gray.  (I know, we were there the wrong week.)

Contemplating life Where's the sun

I thought it was supposed to be blue. So this is the beautiful ocean?

(Mat's missing because she was grouchy at the time pictures were being taken.)

At Sea World we had to take in the Shamu show.  It was very entertaining.

Shamu Feed me Coming at us

We tried to feed some bat rays.  Mickey, of all people, was the only one to succeed.  A bird flew off with Kade's fish.  Meg and I got freaked out by the ugly rays emerging from the water so we dropped the fish.  It will be just fine if I never see another bat ray again.

Riding the rapids

We all went on the rapids ride.  Thank goodness we were already wearing our ponchos or we would have gotten soaked.  (This is one of FOUR family pictures taken on the trip.  That's amazing.)

The kids rode some rides before we left for the hotel.  The boys wanted to check out the Midway Aircraft Carrier.

Midway Museum 1 Midway Museum 4

Midway Museum 2 Midway Museum 3

Later that evening we toured the Mormon Battalion.  It's been drastically improved since Mickey visited it 13 years ago.  The kids really got into it, as you can see.

heavy pack Ready to go to war

Panning for gold I don't see any gold

Another family photo.


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