Friday, December 31, 2010

December 20th

Disneyland.  Even though we were about 7 minutes away from Disneyland we took a shuttle.  It was a great idea.  There were tons of people walking towards the front gate when we arrived and later found out they were walking from the parking lot.  It was a hike.  With Meg's foot hurting we got her a wheelchair right from the get go.  This was such a blessing.  Not only was she not in much pain but the wheelchair got us to the front of most lines.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Here are the kids in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.  You can actually go into this castle.  There is a little Sleeping Beauty "show" you walk through.

The rain was very light in the morning.  We took advantage of that and rode a few rides like Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur's Carrousel, and Jungle Cruise to name a few.  Mickey and Meg went on Splash Mountain.  Good thing they were already wet.  The rain picked up in the afternoon and we decided we'd had enough.

Later Mickey treated us to a movie, Tangled.  It was really good.  We all liked it.  It will definitely get added to our movie collection.  As we left the theatre we ran into this.

Stopping the Flood

The sand bags were stopping the water from entering the parking garage.  The shopping mall wasn't the only worried about water.  Our hotel had a few leaks.  They didn't really effect us.  Well...not yet.

Since we had to pack light to avoid luggage fees I did laundry at the hotel that night.  One of the dryers died because of all the use it was getting from everyone's wet clothes and shoes.

All tuckered out.

Out for the Night Sleeping Beauty

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