Friday, December 31, 2010

December 21st

When we went down to breakfast we saw that the hotel was still leaking.  Part of the buffet area had been roped off due to the leaking.  Still not really bothering us.

When the rain let up in the late morning we head over to California Adventure, right next door to Disneyland.  The rain picked up again after lunch.  We stuck it out for about 6 hours.  That's the longest we stayed anywhere.  And that's because the rain and wind were lighter than the previous days and we were inside a lot more.  The rain puddles did help with interesting pictures.


We caught the Aladdin Musical.  It was amazing!

Happy Boy The Ferris Wheel no one would ride

New Toy Story Figures Wet map

We also had to try the Soarin' ride.

In line for Soarin'

While in line Mickey told the kids what the ride was going to be like.  It kind of backfired.  Kade started freaking out at the mention of heights.  He was so convinced he was going to hate it.  The following picture is after the ride.  Does this look like a kid who hated the ride?

Loved Soarin'

Um, no.  He absolutely loved it.  In fact everyone loved it but me.  I would have puked if it lasted much longer.

Leaving California Adventure

The kids leaving California Adventure after a long wet day.

We grabbed some dinner and stopped at Target, which was right across the street, for a few snacks to get us through the next two days.  Mickey watched the Lakers game and wished he was there in person.  We all went to sleep and were woken at 1:40 a.m. when the p.a. system asked us to exit the building because a fire had been detected.  We were a little naughty when we stopped to put shoes and jackets on.  Mickey grabbed a few things that would allow us to get home if need be.  But I had to laugh about the fact that he didn't grab the car keys.  Those would have come in real handy because IT WAS STILL RAINING.  After about 10 minutes a security guy came out and told us it was a false alarm.  This will be the story we all remember.

The manager told us the following morning that a sprinkler head had gotten wet, from all the leaking, and that made the fire alarm go off.  It's nice to know the alarm works but it would have been better if it was a night we weren't there.

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