Friday, December 31, 2010

December 22nd

After breakfast we left our lovely, leaky hotel and headed to Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Kade at Universal Studios

Lost in the mist The Grinch is here

We got in line to meet the Grinch.  While in line we watched people making snow.  We had to giggle at that since we left several inches at home.

Making snow

Then we met the Grinch and got our 4th family picture taken.

Hangin' with the Grinch

We walked around a little and found a ride we wanted to try.  Mat, Kade, and I opted out at the last minute.  Mickey said we chose right.  While waiting for the dare devils to come out the rain started coming down hard.  We were ready to leave at this point.  We stopped at a diner for lunch and when we started to go we noticed that rain was pouring down.  So hard the rain was bouncing back up.  We made a run for it.  We were rather disappointed in Universal Studios.  We expected more and we didn't see it.  The weather also had some play in this but...

We drove to our new, and last, hotel.  That's when we saw the double rainbow.

Double Rainbow

The hotel, another Embassy Suites, was amazing.  There was a little jungle, ponds full of fish and turtles, and a few fountains throughout the lobby and halls.  The pool was nice and so was the hot tub.

The hot tub

We eat some good snacks and watched tv before going to bed.

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