Saturday, December 4, 2010

The House All Aglow

For years Mickey has wanted to hang lights on the house at Christmas time.  I'm fine with that as long as it's tasteful.  At the old place we had no exterior outlets so that made things difficult.  So much so we never got around to it.  Well, now things are different.  Mickey has been talking about getting some lights for the last week or so.  (Some neighbors had their lights on before Thanksgiving and felt some pressure.)  The other day I made his dream come true by picking up some lights and clips.  I thought we should start simple and add on a little every year.

Mickey and the reds got to work on the project this afternoon.  Meg was stuck inside doing homework.  Poor thing.  I stayed out in the cold long enough to take a few pictures.

Hanging Lights

The reds really did help.  They were more interested in posing at the time this picture was taken.

I finally got the lights on the tree.  There is a section in the top that's blinking.  I'm so not happy.  I'm planning to not look at it until it comes down.  To end on a happier note I picked up some stocking hangers this week for the mantle.  Maybe that will be tomorrow's potd.  Stay tuned.

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