Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life is Ruff

That's been Meg's saying for today, which happened to be on her shirt.

I get a call from the school nurse about 9:38.  Meg is in a lot of pain (her foot) and would like some crutches.  I don't have any for her.  I talk to Meg.  Convince her to come home and rest her foot.  I call the doctor.  He's out of the office today but they can try to get him a message.  I hear from the nurse twice.  The second time she tells me the doctor has faxed in a script for pain meds and he wants to see her tomorrow.

I tell Meg she is on "couch rest" for the rest of the day with her boot off.  She complies.  She spends the next several hours reading, watching tv shows/movies, and playing computer and ds games.

Life is Ruff

She does make some time to practice the violin.  She and I play Christmas songs together.  She is greatly improved from last year.

After picking her up she tells me her (favorite) teacher, Mrs. O., will be wondering where she is (since she saw her earlier in the morning).  Then says that said teacher has been calling her Sha-bootie all week.  I like that nickname.  Everyone starts calling her that.  It's much better than crip or the crippled.

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Janel said...

Life is ruff on the mom too with all that running around!