Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tonight Meg had her holiday concert.  She (along with a few other 6th graders) is in the intermediate orchestra instead of beginners.

They had a field trip this morning to the school where they were to preform along with a lunch stop at the mall food court.  The orchestra teacher had asked if I could help chaperone.  I had a commitment at 10 so I couldn't make the rehearsal so I offered to show up at the food court.  It worked out better than I thought it would.  Christmas shopping season + mall food court at lunch time + 55 students...I thought it would be crazy busy and the kids would be hard to keep track of.  Not so.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The concert was at my old, but remodeled, high school.  (It's weird being there and things not being the way they were.)  The concert was not quite an hour.  Perfect.  The kids did well.  There were a few squeaks, there always is.

I had Meg pose with her teacher, Mr. H., afterward.

Meg & Mr. H

Meg and I will be playing some Christmas music at a church activity on Saturday.  Not yet sure what we're going to play but we'll keep it simple.

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