Thursday, December 2, 2010

Port A Pit Chicken

A few weeks ago we supported our local Boy Scouts and bought some Port A Pit chicken.  We(I) love it.  They had leftovers so, of course, we bought more.  It's been in the freezer.  I got it out to thaw yesterday thinking I'd use it for dinner.  I didn't.  I warmed it up this afternoon and Kade and I shared the two halves.  This is what was left...

Pile of Bones

...a pile of bones with one little chunk of meat.  It was so good.

Megan update.  She has overactive nerves on the bottom of her foot.  She is supposed to use it now, meaning no boot, which is painful.  (It's painful in the boot too so it doesn't really matter.)  Supposedly the more she uses it the better it will get.  After the doctor appt. I took her to the New Balance store and got her a good pair of shoes.  I spent a small fortune.  Of course they are white.  I told her she is NOT to wear them outside, EVER.  She starts physical therapy Monday which is the treatment.  Please send good thoughts and prayers her way.

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BettyS said...

Sending Megan a thought: Wish you felt better and hope it heals fast. We have been praying for you, as we always do, morning and night. Take care! Love you!