Sunday, January 2, 2011

Arch Support

Last week Meg went to physical therapy for her foot.  The PT decided it was time to try taping it since she had been in so much pain on our vacation.  He taped it Monday.  It worked like a charm.  She had another appointment on Wednesday.  Mickey suggested that I go with so I could learn how to tape her at home.  I watched and learned.  We had to replace it today.  It stays on for a few days.

arch support

It's amazing how taping can help her be free of pain.  Too bad he hadn't taped it before we left.  The tape is stretchy but also supportive.  It holds her arch up.  Eventually, when her calf muscle loosens up and she reprograms her feet how to support her weight, she should be all better.  The worst part is making (nagging) her to do her stretches and exercises.

Clean room contest results:  all 3 rooms passed inspection.  However Mat was given a warning about some clutter.

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