Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black & White

Nothing much is happening lately.  Mat's been home sick the last two days.  She doesn't want me taking pictures of her coughing.  She's better and going to school tomorrow.

For Christmas the kids all got Mickey some Super Hero shirts.  And they got me some black & white plates to hang in the dining room.  (I really did all the shopping but the kids were happy to wrap the gifts.)  When I bought the plates I also bought plate hangers.  Then I put them away and couldn't remember until yesterday where they were.  Needless to say I got the plates up without any trouble.  I can admire them while standing at the kitchen island.

Black & White

I am loving black & white with a pop of color.  It's not something I used to like.  I wonder when that all changed?  Now I can't wait to get the black & white curtains hung.  I have to hem them.  Those were a Christmas present too.

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becca said...

Ooooh I love the black and white with those walls!!! LOVELY!!!