Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blocks of LOVE

Mickey and I had a lunch date today.  We were supposed to go out on Saturday but that didn't work out.  It's much easier to sneak in a date when the kiddos are at school.  After eating at Logan's we stopped in at Target.  (I'm thinking I need to make a Target category since I've been mentioning it so much lately.)  I joked about finding treasures in the store and Mickey didn't seem to think we would.  But we did.  The dollar spot sometimes has really great things.  You have to keep checking it because they are constantly changing what's available.  Today we picked up a few coloring books for the kids.  (They need something non-electronic to do once in a while.)  Then Mickey found a little something to help us start our Valentine decorating, which I've been itching to do.  He said something about putting it on the little table in the foyer....I don't know if my jaw dropped open or not but I could totally tell I've been rubbing off on him.  This is what he found.

Love Blocks

I love them.  And they were only $2.50 for the set.  One side says love (obviously), one says hugs, one says kiss, and the last says OXOX.  I think it's a treasure.  How about you?  Now I need to find some supplies for the kids to make some decorations to hang around the house.  I'm sure I'll post about that sometime.

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