Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dinner Out

We had a busy Saturday.  I don't like it when that happens.  It makes the weekend go by too fast.  We started with cleaning the church at 9.  Then went to a baptism at 10.  At 10:45 we finished up the cleaning.  We then came home and relaxed a little.  I finished up Meg's quilt while Mickey and the kids played some video games.  Then he took the kids to his parents' house (I was still sewing) to help with their computer.  At 4:30 we went to another baptism.  We decided to go out for dinner and call it a family date.  We needed to stop by my parents' house for something (which we didn't end up doing) so we invited them to come to dinner with us.  The plan was Logan's Roadhouse but there was an hour wait for a party of 7.  Who wants the wait an hour?  Not me, although I could hear those yummy, fresh rolls calling to me.  We had to come up with Plan B.  Hooters and Del Taco didn't make the cut.  It was between Chick-fil-a and Culver's.  Culver's won.

Dinner Out

Just imagine that I'm sitting to Mickey's right, where the salad is.

Here's the girls' quilts, finished and freshly laundered.


Meg's Quilt


Mat's Quilt


harleywife57 said...

AHAH!!! Larry & Linda !! they look good ; and I LOVE your quilts ; you do Good work - do you hand quilt them or machine quilt them ?

Mickey ;)

Kelly said...

Machine. I don't have the time or patience to do any sewing/quilting by hand.

Janel said...

Frozen custard....why don't I live in SB anymore? Beautiful, beautiful quilts, kellaford. And, knowing you, I have to ask, what's the next project?

Kelly said...

I have a list in the making of my next projects. I started some (baseball) curtains for Kade's room a while ago. They need to get done first. Kade's teacher asked me to sew something for the classroom. Whenever I get the supplies I'll tackle that. Then I have an order for iPod and iPad covers. There's a quilt I want to make for myself. I have rooms to paint. And I'd like a new purse and maybe another iPad cover....I think I'll be busy for a while.

michellekarren said...

Such pretty quilts! I love them.