Monday, January 17, 2011

Grease Monkeys

I had to add a new category for this post.  "Not Seen Everyday".  This is so not the norm around here.

Grease Monkeys

The men fixing a burned out head light.  Mickey is very handy around the house and knows his tech stuff but when it comes to cars....I'll just say it's an area in which he lacks know-how.  This was an easy enough fix he decided to do it himself.  Kade, of course, had to tag along and help out.  It always cracks me up when he tags along on a project.  Especially when they're my projects.  I guess he's an equal opportunity learner.

Kade had treats for fhe tonight.  I bought some cookie dough but that's not what he wanted.  He announced during dinner he wanted cupcakes.  I looked at the clock ready to say no.  I decided we had some time if we were quick.  I finished my dinner and let Kade get things started.  He put liners in the cupcake pan and cracked the three eggs required for the mix.  (Can you believe I let him do that?  I think I'm mellowing, a little.)  I let him do the mixing too.  Later he asked me how the beaters spin around.  I did my best to explain about the motor inside and it makes the beaters go.  He said okay but probably wanted more info.  I told him when the mixer dies (and I made sure he understood that part) he can take it apart and see how things go together.  That seemed to satisfy his curiosity, for now.

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