Saturday, February 26, 2011

Additions to the Family

What a busy and exciting day we had.  First our adoption went through and we have two new members of the family.  One did arrive yesterday but the second came today.  We are so happy they're here.  The little one's name is Lila.  The big one is Goliath.  (Mickey chose his name and gender.)  I didn't get a picture of Lila yet but here's Goliath.

The Fridge

And in all his glory.

In all it's loveliness

Lila is a dishwasher, in case you're wondering.  She is really quiet and cleans up messes nicely.  My brother, B, came by and installed her.  Thanks, B.  And my brother, D, came by to fix our leaky humidifier and took the old dishwasher with him.  Yeah.

Other things we did today:  Meg had softball "spring training", the girls and I went to a baby shower for my future nephew, the boys went Lego shopping and had dinner at Chich-Fil-A, and everyone but Mattey went to a concert at ND.

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from my friend Amy.  It said, "SNC is coming to ND on February 26th!  Tickets go on sale tomorrow."  We checked on line.  Couldn't find any news about it.  I called her.  She told me what she knew, which wasn't really that much.  We had her husband pick us up some tickets.  They were $8.  Even if it wasn't the group we were hoping it'd be we'd be happy with the alternative.  The alternative is what showed up and they did not disappoint.  It was a great show once the ND group got off the stage.  They weren't bad but they weren't great.  We enjoyed the evening with the Stones and Kate and her parents.

Time for bed.


Amy Stone said...

Is it really LARGE or does it just look that way?!

Kelly said...

It's LARGE. Hence the name Goliath. I told Kade he could probably fit in the freezer part. I hope he's smart enough not to crawl in. He would have to take a lot of food out so he probably won't.