Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All Hung Up

I don't know how you are but when it comes time to tell people gift ideas for myself, Christmas or birthday, I never know what to say. Whenever I need something I go out and get it or save up for it and get it. I find it hard to wait for an occasion to get what I need and sometimes what I want. But this past Christmas my mom got an idea on her own and I actually had an idea to give my in-laws. I would consider that a small Christmas miracle. Wondering what I asked for?

Curtains. I know, that doesn't sound that exciting but it is. Just wait. They were at Hobby Lobby, of all places. I always knew Hobby Lobby had great stuff but I never knew they sold curtains. I usually don't check out the home dec fabrics, which is where most of them are located. Anyway, back to the curtains. These curtains had a place especially picked out for them. They did need a little altering because they were too long. But I only had to take off the tab tops and they were perfect. Ready for the reveal?


I LOVE them.  Thanks, M & B.  They go all the way to the floor.  (Sorry, this is the best shot I could get.)  They look really great with my plates and the revamped art.  In case you're wondering, my mom (and dad) got me two more sets of Fiestaware.  They are also displayed in the dining room.  I'm really loving this room.  It's so much better than before.

Now for the weather report.  We are under a BLIZZARD warning.  We could get 12-18" of snow and drifting from the winds that are really blowing.  The activities at church were cancelled tonight.  Now school is cancelled for tomorrow.  I'm going to make Mickey stay home with us.  He might not be able to get out of the driveway anyway.


BettyS said...

The curtains look great! It's always nice to be able to give someone something they really want. Happy we could get them for you!

Janel said...

That looks SOOOO much better! The Standifords have made me a true fan of blueberry yogurt paint.

Amy Stone said...


michellekarren said...

Lovely! The black and white is so nice against the purple.