Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flying Undies?

"Mom, you've got to come see this.  Bring the camera, it can be the picture of the day.  You can put it on the blog."  These were Kade's comments this afternoon.  I went, the camera in tow.  Got the picture (of the day).  Now I'm putting it on the blog.

Flying Undies

My question:  How did the undies get up there?

Kade's answer:  "I was swinging them around and they went flying."

My question:  How are you going to get them down?

Kade's answer:  "I don't know."

To the mind of a five year old this situation was hilarious.  The hilariousness did rub off on others.  Mickey eventually lifted Kade up so he could reach the undies.  Problem solved.  I wonder what else is going to land on that shelf.

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Janel said...

As a cub scout leader, I can definitely understand the boy humor. (As a mom of three girls it's baffling to me!)