Saturday, February 19, 2011

Handy Man Mickey

I enjoyed my free time yesterday picking up a few things for the house as well as getting a ton of fabrics.  (I'll post pictures of the projects when they're completed.)

At Home Depot I found two ceiling fans and a few door stops.  I installed two of the door stops but my skills lack when it comes to installing ceiling fans.  Enter the handy man, Mickey.  (Sometimes he'd like to pay a real handy man to do some of his chores.  I tend to come up with quite a few for him.)

Handy Man

Here's Kade's fan.  He had an old, and not so attractive, light that didn't go in a little boy's baseball room.  I chose something masculine without a theme.  In case he changes his decor in a few years.  I started the installation of the new blinds but didn't get very far.  My hands have a hard time using a screwdriver sometimes.  Mickey took over.  What would I do without him?  I suppose I'd have to learn a few things.

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