Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hanging On

The girls are notorious for wiggling out a loose tooth in a day or two. Kade, on the other hand, doesn't want to loose any teeth. He's lost the two on the bottom. The top two are loose, one more so than the other. I was hoping to get it out over the weekend but he wouldn't let me near it. In his defense I tried to pull it out last week and it hurt.

At dinner he bit down wrong and hurt his tooth. I could see some blood. I encouraged him to "go take a look. Maybe it's ready to come out." He went and looked but didn't get it out. After that he wouldn't eat his dinner. We told him he wouldn't be in pain anymore and could eat his dinner if he got the tooth out. I even offered ice cream for his dinner if he got it out. Nope. Mickey worked with him for a little while. Let's just say there were lots of tears and not much progress. It's kind of just hanging there.

Hanging on

That's root beer float all over his face. He managed to still get ice cream because Mickey allowed him to have yogurt for dinner. At least it's healthy.

This reminds me of my first grade picture, if I'm remembering correctly. I had one top tooth just hanging by a thread. Way worse than Kade's. His still looks mostly attached. There's still one good root holding on towards the center. Hopefully it will come out on it's own soon. I don't know how long Kade'll go without eating solids. It may be a battle of wills. Tooth vs. Kid.  Or rather Tooth vs. Stomach.

I finished my order today. Wanna see?

Patchwork Knitting Bag

Happy Anniversary to my parents.

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