Sunday, February 13, 2011


I had planned to post about the warm weather and the puddles from the snow melting but after Mickey got home from his long day he told me I needed to get upstairs with the camera.  I went.  This is what I found.


Megan (the tomboy) painting Mattey's (the princess's) fingernails.  How did that happen?  I wonder how long Mat had to beg Meg to do it.  I was making dinner and couldn't help her.  What a nice big sister.

Meg did not want to be pictured so I got as little of her as I could.  And I don't know why Mat has her feet soaking in the sink.

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kellymear said...

I love that- what a great sisters picture. And I love that Megan didn't want evidence of being involved. Ha! Great memory.