Monday, February 7, 2011


When all the kids started school, way back in August, I worried that I would be bored and lonely.  I even contemplating getting a dog.  I knew I had plenty of work to do in the house but I didn't want to get burnt out on home improvement.  I had my eyes and ears open for things I could do.  Sometime in September things started popping up.  My friend Amy got me to work in Megan's school bookstore.  Then she introduced me to the librarian and I signed up for a shift once a week to let her take a lunch break.  I haven't been back to the bookstore much because other things came up.

One day the neighbor from down the street came by to ask if I could help her daughter on the days she (the mom) would be at work.  When I said yes the mom was so happy.  She said I was an answer to their prayers.  I think it has been an answer to my unspoken prayers, my heart's desire, also.  It has turned out to be good for both Kate and me.  We have become friends and share similar interests.  One of them being Glee.  (I do get paid for this gig, but I'd probably do it for free.  All my earnings go to quilt projects.)

My other volunteer gig is for Kade's class.  I go in a couple times a week to play learning games with the kids.  I really enjoy that.  Those kids have such great personalities and tell you all kinds of things that don't really go with what we're doing.  There's one little boy that always asks me if it's his day to play games with him, even if I'm there for something totally different.  It makes me feel good that they look forward to me coming.

The potd is the shelving cart I empty every library shift.  Today was a light day.


With all this volunteering it seems like I'm rarely home.  I can honestly say I am not bored and I am not the least bit lonely.  I'm actually having a hard time making the time to workout and do home projects.  But I'm happy.


Janel said...

The kids are so lucky to have you at the schools with them!

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