Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I almost finished one more thing on my to do list, which is still HUGE, Kade's curtains.  They are hanging but still need to be hemmed.  The handy man needed to move the curtain rod for me.  I'll get to the hemming tomorrow.  I also made the pennants for his valance.  They still need some...artwork, detailing, something.  I have some ideas but I'll need to borrow some cricut cartridges from my sister-in-law.

Here's what we have so far.

Baseball Curtains

Kade chose to put the pennants in a pattern.  I'm not really loving it.  I also need to include the tan one I made.  I'll figure it out sometime.

Kade's room is really starting to have a baseball atmosphere.  Now all he needs is some peanuts, popcorn, and crackerjacks.  And maybe some stinky, sweaty uniform thrown in the corner of his room.  I keep finding a lot of cute baseball themed stuff at Hobby Lobby.  I hope I can find lots of decor for the girls' rooms when the time comes.

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