Sunday, March 27, 2011


We had Kade's family party tonight for his birthday.  Half of the family couldn't be there for some reason or another.  Our friends, the Stones, came to wish Kade a happy birthday along with his grandparents and two uncles and aunt.  Maybe I should have put the info on the blog, I would have welcomed a few party crashers.  Like I said, a small turn out.  Oh well, we had fun and filled our bellies.

Here's what the invite looked like, finished.

I'm six

The pictures taken today did not look very good.  Something is either wrong with the camera or both Mickey and I are taking bad shots.  Here's one of the best.  Kade making a wish.

Making a wish

We'd also like to wish Tia, or Amanda as some of us call her, a happy birthday.  It will be one she won't forget since she's in the hospital enjoying her baby.

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